• “Safer Streets”: Public Awareness Bicyclists & Pedestrian Safety

    “Safer Streets”: Public Aware

    Background According to Kentucky’s official annual collision report, there were over 1,000 collisions with pedestrians and 495 with bicyclists –...

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  • R&R Resorts

    R&R Resorts

    R&R Resorts: Three distinct destinations in nature. A journey for your mind, body, and spirit. Group CJ assists long-time yoga/health...

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  • Lexington Fayette County Health Department

    Lexington Fayette County Health Departmen

    From H1N1, to colon cancer awareness, to "Third Hand Smoke", Group CJ is always quick to lend a hand when...

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  • City of Lexington: Division of Environmental Services

    City of Lexington: Division of Environmen

    Situation: When the EPA sued Lexington for violating the Clean Water Act, it left the city’s newly-created Department of Environmental...

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  • Move It People

    Move It People

    Situation: Nationwide, cities are learning that more public awareness will increase alterative transportation and public support. The benefits are astounding....

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  • Lexington Restaurant Week

    Lexington Restaurant Week

    Situation: When Group CJ was called upon by the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau to create Lexington’s first ever restaurant...

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  • Keep Lexington Beautiful

    Keep Lexington Beautiful

    The Keep Lexington Beautiful Commission’s mission is to engage our citizens to protect and improve Lexington’s environment through personal responsibility....

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  • The Massage Center

    The Massage Center

    Working steadily with this group since 1995, The Massage Center revenues are up 78% helped along the way by Group...

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  • Carl Meyers

    Carl Meyers

    Carl Meyers has been the name for fashion in the Bluegrass for 93 years. And Group CJ has helped him...

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  • Kentucky Department Of Agriculture

    Kentucky Department Of Agriculture

    Situation: As Kentucky actively sought to diversify away from tobacco, the promotion of alternative crops became more vital than ever....

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