Move It People

Situation: Nationwide, cities are learning that more public awareness will increase alterative transportation and public support. The benefits are astounding. Alternative transportation, walking, biking, mass transit, not only have an effect on the health of our bodies and environment, but plays a large part in the vitality of our city and quality of life. The case for public transportation is indisputable: For every $1 dollar invested in public transportation, the community generates $4. But…what have we Americans been raised to revere almost as much as mom and apple pie? Our Chevys.

Hot Idea: We decided it was time for Lexington to start behaving the next Great American City it’s poised to become. Our strategy was to pool campaign funds from entities who have common goals. It just makes strategic sense to unite folks who run the trolleys, plan the parking and encourage us to think outside of the car every once and while.

Our common platform is a hip new movement called Move It People, which is comprised of a complex, hard-hitting media campaign, social media, website, mass transit and environmental graphics.

Cool Results: We got the message out loud and clear to our community that it’s time to be urban cool, think green by biking, walking, and using mass transit.

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