City of Lexington: Division of Environmental Services

Situation: When the EPA sued Lexington for violating the Clean Water Act, it left the city’s newly-created Department of Environmental Services with a daunting list of EPA-mandated projects. They needed a responsive agency accustomed to getting up to speed on complex issues.

Hot Idea: Lexington needed to know why - and how - its water quality was going down the storm drain. So we launched a campaign of TV and print ads which really grabbed people’s attention. Especially since we seriously worked our media connections to beef up our media budget with a flood of bonus spots.

Cool Results: We helped launch a new city-wide awareness of green issues with intrusive creative and an extra boost: almost-triple negotiated broadcast exposure and significant press coverage. And the added bonus of an integrated brand capable of accommodating Department of Environmental Services consumer communications about green issues from water to waste.

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