Lexington Restaurant Week

Situation: When Group CJ was called upon by the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau to create Lexington’s first ever restaurant week and dining guide, we spotted a unique opportunity to not only engage our locals but expose visitors to an exploding local cuisine scene. The problem was, the last thing restauranters want to do is add yet another project to their already busy plates.

Hot Idea: A little communication savvy to tame our local culinary rock star owners and chefs, and we now have a hip dining guide, dubbed Beyond Grits, and have wrapped up Lexington’s inaugural Restaurant Week in July.  Wherein visitors and locals alike were encouraged to venture out and discover new favorites among our happening cuisine scene.  Our accompanying website features extensive listings, category maps, feature owner/chef profiles and helps dining go-ers find the newest hot spots in town.

Cool Results: Lexington’s Restaurant Week was a smashing success, and dining guides are flying - and we just keep having to print more. And oh how the tables have turned. Owners are trying to track us down to be featured, assist and get involved in any way.

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