“Safer Streets”: Public Awareness Bicyclists & Pedestrian Safety

According to Kentucky’s official annual collision report, there were over 1,000 collisions with pedestrians and 495 with bicyclists – accounting for about 10% of all collision fatalities. Some of the highest factors noted in this report were ‘inattention’, ‘failing to yield’ and ‘distraction’. As Lexington grows more and more miles of bike lanes and ped-friendly infrastructure, and technology grows increasingly mobile - it’s paramount that shine a light on safety and congestion mitigation.

Develop an attention-getting, behavior changing, street smart campaign. A multi-media communications effort aimed at changing behavior and creating more mindful community out on the streets. The messaging will educate Lexingtonians how to stay safe and avoid traffic accidents. Increased safety = increased alternative transportation (biking, walking) = better air quality and a healthier environment.


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