Lexington Tax Amnesty

Situation: The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government needed help in recovering unpaid net profit and payroll taxes. They turned to Group CJ.

Hot Idea: Our solution was to use a carrot and stick strategy – coupling an incentive to act with a reminder of the consequences of non-compliance. The message, “pay now or pay more later” was conveyed in high-frequency, high-impact TV, radio and print executions. Group CJ coupled that with good public relations and added value/bonus spots thanks to our long-standing stellar relationships with the local media.

Cool Results: A $100,000 investment reaped $2.9 million in additional revenue for the city – ten times what the Mayor expected. Long-term benefits included the addition of 1,250 new taxpayers to the collection rolls.

After witnessing the results of Lexington’s Tax Amnesty, the City of Covington asked Group CJ to do the same, which was held in the spring of 2004 and collected over $375,000.

And we did it again in 2010. Group CJ launched a Tax Amnesty campaign in three short weeks recovering over $1,700,000 in unpaid taxes.

For the effort, Group CJ successfully walked away with the only Tall Addy for Documented Sales Success in 2010.

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