Fayette Co. Public Schools: School Counts

Situation: Unexcused absences put our children in danger, compromise their education and cost the Fayette County School District over $1.6 million in annual Federal funding. Many were unaware that funding was tied to attendance. Group CJ was called on to create communication informing parents and encouraging kids to make every day in school count. Alas, the school district had no funding - zilch for the campaign.

Connie Jo to the rescue.

Hot Idea: The agency used our connections to pair private enterprise with public concern. Support from our friends, good corporate citizens and TV stations enabled our school system to launch a $500,000 multi-media public awareness campaign we called “School Counts” without a dime.

Cool Results: Attendance soared to a record 94%! $200,000 was added to school coffers in one month alone. And School Counts won a coveted Gold Medallion from the National School Public Relations Association for excellence in educational public relations programs.

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