Berea Tourism

Berea Tourism
Situation: Trends say that today’s travelers prefer active ‘site-doing’ to passive ‘site-seeing’. Thankfully, “doing” is what the town of Berea, the official arts and crafts capital of Kentucky, does best. Each and every day, the town is vibrant with working artists and craftsmen – potters, woodworkers, jewelry makers, painters, glassblowers and more – making, teaching, demonstrating and talking about their art in studios, workshops and galleries.

Hot Idea: Berea is one of those rare places where a visitor can actually experience art, rather than simply purchase or view it from a distance. Group CJ’s in-depth analysis of the travel industry and branding process identified and captured this differentiating quality in the positioning line: Berea. Where Art’s Alive. This proposition consistently anchors and informs all brand communications, from website to visitor maps to ads and outdoor boards and way-finding signage.

Cool Results: A brand that seemed stalled found new life and energy and purpose. Artful communications now reflect the quality of the town and its artistic offerings. New fine arts targets have been identified and joint efforts launched with neighboring counties to put Berea on this customer’s radar. Overall attendance at citywide festivals and events increases by a steady 25% every year. Berea’s artists and artisans, inspired to bring their brand idea to life, now share their skills in a newly created Festival of Learnshops which is now an annual event. Bottom line?

Berea is booming and we couldn’t be more delighted to be at the party.

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